About Me

I recently moved from a research position in astrophysics to industry, working for an optics company in Germany.

Previously, I hold a Reimar Lüst Fellowship from the Max Planck Society and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA) in Heidelberg.

I obtained my PhD in astrophysics at Heidelberg University in January 2018, where I worked in the disk and planet research team of Prof. Thomas Henning at the MPIA, as well as in the planet formation group at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics (ITA) led by Prof. Cornelis Dullemond. My main research interests are in the field of protoplanetary disks and the earliest stages of planet formation. In my PhD I focused on radiative transfer modeling of planet-forming disks, a powerful tool to directly link numerical simulation results to current telescope observations at various wavelengths. I was especially interested in hydrodynamical simulations of planet-disk interactions, and the comparison to ring structures and non-axisymmetric features seen in recent scattered light and thermal emission data. Furthermore, I worked on millimeter polarization in the context of dust self-scattering, a new idea helping us to constrain the grain size distribution in disks.


Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg, Germany

PhD in Astrophysics (Dr. rer. nat.) 2017

Fellow of the International Max Planck Research School for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics at Heidelberg University (IMPRS-HD)
PhD Thesis: 'Structure of planet-forming disks: multi-wavelength polarization diagnostics'
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thomas Henning

Master of Science in Physics 2014

Master's thesis: 'Radiative Transfer Models of Non-axisymmetric Protoplanetary Disks'
Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, Heidelberg, Germany
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Cornelis Dullemond


    Protoplanetary Disks
  • Planetenbildung in Scheiben aus Gas und Staub: Löcher, Ringe und Spiralen
    Thomas Henning und Adriana Pohl
    Physik in unserer Zeit, Wiley-VCH, Ausgabe 11/2018
  • Discovery of a planetary-mass companion within the gap of the transition disk around PDS 70
    M. Keppler; M. Benisty; A. Müller; Th. Henning; R. van Boekel; F. Cantalloube; C. Ginski; R.G. van Holstein; A.-L. Maire; A. Pohl; (+116 co-authors)
    A&A (2018), 617, A44
  • First scattered light detection of a nearly edge on transitional disk around a T Tauri star
    M. Langlois; A. Pohl; A.-M. Lagrange; A.-L. Maire; D. Mesa; A. Boccaletti; R. Gratton; (+28 co-authors)
    A&A (2018), 614, A88
  • Dust modeling of the combined ALMA and SPHERE datasets of HD163296. Is HD163296 really a Meeus group II disk?
    G. A. Muro-Arena; C. Dominik; L. B. F. M. Waters; M. Min; L. Klarmann; C. Ginski; A. Isella; M. Benisty; A. Pohl; (+14 co-authors)
    A&A (2018), 614, A24
  • A likely planet-induced gap in the disk around T Cha
    N. P. Hendler; P. Pinilla; I. Pascucci; A. Pohl; G. Mulders; Th. Henning; R. Dong; C. Clarke; J. Owen; D. Hollenbach
    MNRAS (2018), 475, L62-L66
  • Observability of Forming Planets and their Circumplanetary Disks I. – Parameter Study for ALMA
    J. Szulagyi; G. van der Plas; M. R. Meyer; A. Pohl; S. P. Quanz; L. Mayer; S. Daemgen; V. Tamburello
    MNRAS (2018), 473 (3), 3573--3583
  • Investigation of the inner structures around HD169142 with VLT/SPHERE
    R. Ligi et al. (+48 co-authors, including A. Pohl)
    MNRAS (2018), 473 (2), 1774--1783
  • Three Years of SPHERE: The Latest View of the Morphology and Evolution of Protoplanetary Discs
    A. Garufi; M. Benisty; T. Stolker; H. Avenhaus; J. de Boer; A. Pohl; (+49 co-authors)
    The ESO Messenger (2017), 169, 32-37
  • The circumstellar disk HD 169142: gas, dust and planets acting in concert?
    A. Pohl; M. Benisty; P. Pinilla; C. Ginski; J. de Boer; H. Avenhaus; Th. Henning;(+30 co-authors)
    ApJ (2017), 850, 1
  • Three years of SPHERE: the latest view of the morphology and evolution of protoplanetary discs
    A. Garufi; M. Benisty; T. Stolker; H. Avenhaus; J. de Boer; A. Pohl; S. P. Quanz; C. Dominik; C. Ginski; C. Thalmann; R. van Boekel; A. Boccaletti; Th. Henning; (+ SPHERE consortium)
    ESO The Messenger (September 2017), 169, 32--37
  • New constraints on the disk characteristics and companion candidates around T Cha with VLT/SPHERE
    A. Pohl; E. Sissa; M. Langlois; A. Mueller; C. Ginski; R. G. van Holstein; (+31 co-authors)
    A&A (2017), 605, A34
  • Dust density distribution and imaging analysis of different ice lines in protoplanetary disks
    P. Pinilla; A. Pohl; S. Stammler; T. Birnstiel
    ApJ (2017), 845, 68
  • The evidence of radio polarization induced by the radiative grain alignment and self-scattering of dust grains in a protoplanetary disk
    A. Kataoka; T. Tsukagoshi; A. Pohl; T. Muto; H. Nagai; I. W. Stephens; K. Tomisaka; M. Momose
    ApJL (2017), 844, L5
  • Die Größe des Staubs, aus dem Planeten wachsen
    Adriana Pohl
    Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Sterne und Weltraum, Ausgabe 7/2017
  • The evolution of protoplanetary disks from their taxonomy in scattered light: Group I vs Group II
    A. Garufi; G. Meeus; M. Benisty; S. Quanz; A. Banzatti; M. Kama; H. Canovas; C. Eiroa; H. M. Schmid; T. Stolker; A. Pohl; E. Rigliaco; F. Menard; M. Meyer; R. van Boekel; C. Dominik
    A&A (2017), 603, A21
  • Testing giant planet formation in the transitional disk of SAO 206462 using deep VLT/SPHERE imaging
    A.-L. Maire; T. Stolker; S. Messina; A. Mueller; B. Biller; T. Currie; C. Dominik; A. Boccaletti; M. Bonnefoy; G. Chauvin; R. Galicher; M. Millward; A. Pohl; W. Brandner; Th. Henning; A.-M. Lagrange; M. Langlois; (+27 co-authors)
    A&A (2017), 601, A134
  • Three Radial Gaps in the Disk of TW Hydrae Imaged with SPHERE
    R. van Boekel et al. (+26 co-authors, including A. Pohl)
    ApJ (2017), 837, 132
  • Shadows and spirals in the protoplanetary disk HD 100453
    M. Benisty; T. Stolker; A. Pohl; J. de Boer; G. Lesur; C. Dominik; C. P. Dullemond; M. Langlois; M. Min; K. Wagner; Th. Henning; (+39 co-authors)
    A&A (2017), 597, A42
  • Submillimeter Polarization Observation of the Protoplanetary Disk around HD 142527
    A. Kataoka; T. Tsukagoshi; M. Momose; H. Nagai; T. Muto; C. P. Dullemond; A. Pohl; M. Fukagawa; H. Shibai; T. Hanawa; K. Murakawa
    ApJL (2016), 831, L12
  • Investigating dust trapping in transition disks with millimeter-wave polarization
    A. Pohl; A. Kataoka; P. Pinilla; C. P. Dullemond; Th. Henning; T. Birnstiel
    A&A (2016), 593, A12
  • Scattered light images of spiral arms in marginally gravitationally unstable discs with an embedded planet
    A. Pohl; P. Pinilla; M. Benisty; S. Ataiee; A. Juhasz; C. P. Dullemond; R. van Boekel; T. Henning
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2015 453 (2): 1768-1778
    doi: 10.1093/mnras/stv1746
  • Spiral arms in scattered light images of protoplanetary discs: are they the signposts of planets?
    A. Juhasz; M. Benisty; A. Pohl; C. P. Dullemond; C. Dominik; S.-J. Paardekooper
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2015 451 (2): 1147-1157
    doi: 10.1093/mnras/stv1045
  • Asymmetric features in the protoplanetary disk MWC 758
    M. Benisty; A. Juhasz; A. Boccaletti; H. Avenhaus; J. Milli; C. Thalmann; C. Dominik; P. Pinilla; E. Buenzli; A. Pohl; J.-L. Beuzit; T. Birnstiel; J. de Boer; M. Bonnefoy; G. Chauvin; V. Christiaens; A. Garufi; C. Grady; T. Henning; N. Huelamo; A. Isella; M. Langlois; F. Ménard; D. Mouillet; J. Olofsson; E. Pantin; C. Pinte; L. Pueyo
    A&A (2015), 578, L6

    Brown Dwarfs
  • The bipolar outflow and disk of the brown dwarf ISO 217
    Joergens, Pohl, Sicilar-Aguilar, Henning
    A&A (2012), 543, A151
  • Discovery of an outflow of the very low-mass star ISO 143
    Joergens V., Kopytova T., Pohl A.
    A&A (2012), 548, A124

Contact Details

Adriana Pohl
Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy
Königstuhl 17
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

pohl [at] mpia.de